Samsung’s promotion of the Galaxy Tab has strapped on its water skis, dispensed with the life jacket, revved up the engines of its Android-powered motor boat, and jumped — no, leaped — over a massive shark.

The conceit? “Feel free to tell us what freedom means to you in two minutes or less.”

Put aside the strange, confusing wording for a minute. Just what the heck does an Android have to do with freedom?

“With the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you’ll feel free to video chat, use Adobe Flash technology and be truly mobile.”

Right. Got it.

And wait — they’re not finished with the freedom yet:

“So feel free to enter, and feel free to tell others what freedom means to you.”

Got it? Samsung Tab = Free. Except it costs $600. Unless you make a video about how free it makes you feel. Then you might be one of the lucky 100 winners of a free Samsung Freedom Tab.