Netflix Not Affected By Apple’s New Subscription Plan

So get this. Apple’s new in-app purchasing and subscription scheme demands that app developers providing in-app purchases or subscriptions have to fork over 30% of the cut to Apple. Lame and oppressive.

But that’s not all. If those app makers eschew Apple’s in-app purchasing method in favor of their own, or of simply linking out to a web site (as many companies, such as music services Rhapsody and Rdio, do) Apple still demands that these apps include in-app purchasing, of which Apple will take 30%.

So the most successful technology company on the planet, which is making money hand over fist on its hardware (which is tightly bundled with its software), is now saying that its billions aren’t enough: It needs to squeeze an extra bit out of the developers and content-makers who help make the app ecosystem the innovation that it is.

Meanwhile, Google is only taking 10%.