Smartphone users are ready to take actions: Nine out of 10 smartphone searches end in an action.

Google commissioned a study of smartphone users to see how many search for local businesses and take action on the information they find.

It turns out that people act pretty quickly. Ryan Kim writes that “The survey found 95 percent of smartphone users have looked for local information, with 88 percent of these users acting on information within one day, most often contacting or visiting a business.”

There’s a ton of money to made made there, as Groupon and others already know.

But this behavior goes beyond shopping. If people act this quickly when looking for ice cream, it’s likely that they’ll act quickly on other information as well.

Mobile organizers know this, and they’re figuring out how to connect the ubiquity of smartphones with peoples’ desire to get involved in political actions, especially via SMS, but I think we’re just at the brink of something much more exciting.