Supporting Prop 8 is beyond the pale. But I don’t fully agree with the tactics that some of my friends have used in order to make that point. IMHO, rather than spending our energy attacking Brendan Eich and Firefox (which affected the entire Mozilla community) we should have devoted ourselves to supporting our friends within the Mozilla community as they grappled (many of them publicly) with the biggest crisis they’d ever encountered. Energy spent encouraging people not to use Firefox, or calling for Eich’s resignation, was, in the long term, not constructive.

Mozilla's decision to appoint Eich as CEO, and his subsequent decision to resign, are now being painted as partisan decisions. This damages Mozilla the organization — which has striven to remain nonpartisan and, especially, to work with communities on opposite sides of the political spectrum —more than it damages any one person who works/worked there. The "win" some are celebrating is, in my opinion, not a win at all. It's going to take Mozilla months and maybe years to recover thanks to the partisan mud that's being slung at it. This reality saddens me. Mozilla and the issues it fights for are too important to be subjected to this partisanship.